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7-Fold Life

  Similar to “Sweet & Sour“, the 7-Fold Life is another lens that takes place more in the background. It can help you sort out or categorize the core areas of your life and prioritize […]

Sweet & Sour

Similar to the 7 Steps to Change lens, this next lens, “Sweet’n’Sour“, is more behind-the-scenes, dealing with attitude. The goal is to replace a ‘pro and con’ mentality with a ‘pro and pro’ mentality. Specifically, […]

7 Steps to Change

We’ve looked at three lenses so far:  7-Stage Journey, Eternal-Internal-External, and Be-Do-Have.  Each of these are geared toward getting you to see your life and current situations from a more biblical perspective.  These can be […]

Salvation by Grace (by Emily Woody)

My desire is that all will understand grace—God’s riches at Christ’s expense. If we have a relationship with God, then we understand that we cannot gain His approval on our own. We will never be […]